Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

Thompson Chain Reference Bibles

Characteristics of Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bibles

Thompson Bibles are unique. Each Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible is carefully hand-crafted, one at a time, using the finest Bible paper, leathers and craftsmanship. Thompson Bibles are made for those who use their Bibles every day.

Great for Bible Study

A Thompson study Bible will help you in ways other Bibles cannot. Its the unique Chain-Reference System that allows you to follow any subject, person, place or idea, from the front of your Bible to the end. Thompson Bible users say it's the best way to study your Bible. No other Bible has this superb, patented, "Chain-Reference System" developed by Dr. Frank C. Thompson in 1890. Since that time, the publisher, Kirkbride Bible Company, has been adding thousands of additional topics and links. The Thompson you buy today has over 100,000 links covering over 7,000 topics. Every page is stuffed with treasure. Your Thompson Study Bible will become a trusted friend.

The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible comes with extras found only in premium study Bibles like gold-foil gilded pages and silk ribbon bookmarks. Your Thompson Bible can also be personalized with your name in gold on the cover. For King James Version Thompson Chain Referencesuper-swift researching you can order your Thompson "thumb indexed."

Choosing a Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

Choosing a Thompson Bible is a personal matter. All Thompson regular sized Bibles are available in a variety of covers, colors and translations. If you would like a lifetime of use, we recommend the genuine, cowhide or morocco leather covers. You'll find our leather Bibles are exquisite. If you're looking for the best, don't forget to check out the new Signature Series Thompson bound in soft calfskin leather.

Translations / Versions

Thompson adult Bibles are available in the 4 most popular English translations: King James Version (KJV), New King James Version (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), and New American Standard Bible (NASB).

Different from Other Study Bibles

A Thompson is the only true "influence-free" Study Bible. This is the one very important difference between a Thompson and most other study Bibles. Most study Bibles fill their margins with another person's commentary. These are notes from a knowledgeable author who tries to explain the text to you. Commentaries can be useful, but every author has his or her own view and biased agenda. Commentaries offer wide and often opposing influence. Your Thompson Bible is "influence-free," because instead of commentary, our margins are filled with thousands of chain-references that propel you ahead into Scripture. Scholars agree that the Bible is its own best commentary, and no other study Bible helps you go deeper into the Scriptures than a Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible.

Discover for yourself the excellence of a Thompson. Choose your Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible today.

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